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Yay 3 hour naps.

Posted on 2009.11.22 at 19:37
It feels weird to lose two people that you talk to every day within the matter of two days.
I guess this is just how things have to work out.
That doesn't mean I like it.

I dunno xD I don't have much to talk about. I had to get up early to go to church this morning x.x I guess I did get a coat today though. Woo. I like it xD and now I can wear something other than my sweatshirt when it's cold out.

And... I dunno. Saw New Moon. Oh god xD Total waste of two hours of my life... I kept making fun of it until logan smacked me for it. Silly vampire loving boy.
I'm still convinced they kept playing the race card though.
Jacob's hate for Edward is fueled by race, not... being a werewolf or whatever shit that is. I mean. His last name is Black. There's enough proof for you. You know the angry Black guy... aka Jacob. He is angry a lot.
And Edward is just an abusive asshole.
I mean... the dumbass flung the bleeding girl into a table with glass ornaments on it.
What a jerk.

I dunno really xD I don't have much to talk about. I guess I get to donate blood on Wednesday... and like... lie to the blood donation people. Woo. That's always fun. But then I have to work after... I might pass out at work xD How fun would that be?

All shows by Seth McFarlane ... I dunno if I spelled that right... have the same basic characters... a snotty small child that talks... or something close to it, the alien is the child in American Dad, some sort of talking animal... and stupid fart jokes... xD
I mean... I like the shows sometimes.
but still. They're all the same kinda haha.

I'm out of things to say now xD

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