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Posted on 2009.11.28 at 17:30
I'm like... super anxious feeling and I don't know why.
Maybe... it's excitement. Because it's not really bad feeling.

I just really wish my computer would stop freezing in the middle of typing and annoying the fuck out of me.

Alright. So I went on Black Friday yesterday and got a sweatshirt, necklace and blanket, but the blanket I won't get until Christmas... yes, a blanket.
I get freakishly cold no matter what the season is... so my comforter, 2 fleece blankets, and this one microfleece thing definitely isn't enough, so that's why I'm getting another!

I feel greasy and disgusting from work and have yet to take a shower... I'll get one soon.

I dunno. I just feel like I should update.
I'm really tired...
I dunno.
I should probably take a nap.
I kinda wish someone would text me.

Yay 3 hour naps.

Posted on 2009.11.22 at 19:37
It feels weird to lose two people that you talk to every day within the matter of two days.
I guess this is just how things have to work out.
That doesn't mean I like it.

I dunno xD I don't have much to talk about. I had to get up early to go to church this morning x.x I guess I did get a coat today though. Woo. I like it xD and now I can wear something other than my sweatshirt when it's cold out.

And... I dunno. Saw New Moon. Oh god xD Total waste of two hours of my life... I kept making fun of it until logan smacked me for it. Silly vampire loving boy.
I'm still convinced they kept playing the race card though.
Jacob's hate for Edward is fueled by race, not... being a werewolf or whatever shit that is. I mean. His last name is Black. There's enough proof for you. You know the angry Black guy... aka Jacob. He is angry a lot.
And Edward is just an abusive asshole.
I mean... the dumbass flung the bleeding girl into a table with glass ornaments on it.
What a jerk.

I dunno really xD I don't have much to talk about. I guess I get to donate blood on Wednesday... and like... lie to the blood donation people. Woo. That's always fun. But then I have to work after... I might pass out at work xD How fun would that be?

All shows by Seth McFarlane ... I dunno if I spelled that right... have the same basic characters... a snotty small child that talks... or something close to it, the alien is the child in American Dad, some sort of talking animal... and stupid fart jokes... xD
I mean... I like the shows sometimes.
but still. They're all the same kinda haha.

I'm out of things to say now xD

ooh manly

Posted on 2009.11.17 at 22:28
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Ronan ;-; Where are you?
My heart is sad.
It misses you.

Uhm. I have a 2 hour late start tomorrow... going out to breakfast with logan!
I'm so exhausted already xD I already fell asleep once tonight and I haven't touched homework yet... anyone want to complete a muscle fatigue worksheet for me?

Happy almost birthday to Cody!! You're gonna be old :P
...not as old as Ronan...
but he's still beautiful and young to me. <3 ... even if he's going to kill me for calling him old.

I still have a note to myself on my hand that people keep grabbing my hand to read. I feel like a pregnant woman except people are grabbing my hand instead of my stomach.
Well... except for my friend, he jabbed me in the side as he was telling a story today.
That was mean ):
Oh well... it was only mean because I was taking a drink at the time.

So, I get to take a quiz over Hamlet tomorrow, but I'm stuck somewhere in the middle of act 3... goody. I'll try xD And I'll just use my book if I need to!

Ohyeah, my hand told me to buy a manly birthday card.
well... it was kinda manly. idk.
it had frogs on it.
but then i licked the envelope and now cody's gonna make clones of me and there'll be mini-kadens running around everywhere.
oh god.

I almost wish that I could sleep in tomorrow xD
But hey. breakfast with a cute boy is just as good.

this is kinda it.
I don't really have anything else to say xD

but... joe, even though you don't read this... I'm gonna get your address out of you somehow. Seriously.


Posted on 2009.11.14 at 00:02
I'm very very bored... so I'll write this.
My day was uneventful... I got out of school to sleep in the car for a 2 hour drive to visit a university i won't be attending just so i can visit a friend and get a day out of school...
And I slept the 2 hours back.
It feels like a saturday already... but i'm glad it's not ._.

tonight is going really slowly. I wish my fridays were more eventful. Even just keeping up conversations with people would be nice xD But even that's not doing so well.

uh. I dunno. i have work in 8 hours... I don't wanna. and Jackie better not fucking call in tomorrow morning or I'm going to beat someone with one of the millions of plates I'll wash until it breaks.
Or i'm calling kodi and telling her to get her ass in there so she can help me xD
It's her fault she offered to in the first place...

whoa. this box is going all the way to the bottom. completely unrelated. But it never does.

I have a psychology test to make up on monday... I dunno how that's going to go. that requires me doing hardcore studying in the next few days.
And I have to finish a french paper...
and I should probably finish reading hamlet since that was due today.
ew. this weekend kinda sucks already.

call me this weekend and allow me to waste my time and make my weekend better please.

I have a really bad headache. And I have advil, but I have no water.
I dunno what kind of a mood I'm in right now.
somewhere between tired, pain, frustration, and just... nothingness.

i don't feel like writing anymore.


Posted on 2009.11.12 at 23:41
I'm tired and sore.
This is pathetic, I'm sore from walking/running ~2 miles in 40 minutes yesterday. 
I need to get in shape xD

Going on a college visit to humor my mother tomorrow... gets me out of school at least :/
Uh... I don't know what to talk about really.

I have to start the cat in anatomy a week from tomorrow .-.
i dunno xD I'm tired and out of interesting things to say.


Posted on 2009.11.11 at 15:53
 Lucky you (:
You get an update today.
Given that I finish this entry... but I suppose if you're reading it, I have!

Hm. I was busy all night last night with French club things... fighting with a friend yet again, feeling bad for another... and touching pickled pigs feet. It wasn't too bad of a night, I guess xD But I need to start getting to sleep before midnight. Thank god this week is nearly over for me. I have a college visit on Friday so I'm getting excused from school for that, and I get 2ish hours to sleep in the car on the way there... and meeting up with a friend (: michael. 

Uhm. So
My day went from okay to pretty shitty really quickly.
First of all, I didn't have enough money on me or in my checking account to buy a gallon of milk and a pack of donuts.. all of $5
and... apparently I'm related to horrible child molesters that I was around as a child. 
I need to learn to take better care of my money.

Meh. I'm stressed, getting to a breaking point. So, I'm either going to have a moment between tonight and tomorrow night... or I'll make it and my college visit will get some stress out... I hope it's that one.

If it wouldn't directly impact my future, I would quit work and skip school for a week and just sleep... but that won't happen so I'll bear with it. 

Uhm... got some new penpals... so if they're reading this... hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

the end

this is a joke ):

Posted on 2009.11.08 at 14:00
 I'm talking to Ronan (but ooh don't get pissed at me for that! -such a horrible friend-)
wooo bitterness is shining through already xD sorry. not trying to do that.
I'm tired ._.
I was up until 2 last night even though everyone went to sleep before me xD 

Uhmm. it's been forever since I've updated, really
Ronan is making me xD
It's been a really boring day... got up at 10:30 and did college stuff...  ew.
Humored my mother with Iowa colleges...
But I will apply to Cali shortly (: ...when they give me the option of applying for the fall 2010 semester xD

apparently according to some people I'm a total jerk who just uses someone.
so he can listen to his friends since he felt so inclined to tell me about that. 
And that's all I have to say about that.
Whenever I say that... I feel like Forrest Gump xD

Soooo that's it.
Work tonight.
Maybe I'll have some fun stories to share with you after...

oh, one of my coworkers was a stripper... that's fun right?

also. poll. 
No shave november... yes/no?


Posted on 2009.10.12 at 22:41
 I"m not meaning to seem distant, I swear. The last thing I want is for us to grow apart. I'll make more of an effort now, okay?

I don't understand why this happens every time we talk. Curse of the webcam!

I'm finishing up projects for school, which is good. Haven't mailed my penpal's letter yet, which isn't. Also... CJ hasn't emailed me back for several days, also bad.

listening to jay brannan makes me sad. gr. but i love his voice so much.

I feel like a stupid teenager who thinks they have problems. Maybe I just need sleep.
But that seems to be my excuse for everything lately.
Maybe I need a lot of sleep.
But I did take a nap today and felt better for a while.
I'll just take a year long nap and maybe everything will be better. 

I"m sick of feeling like shit every night over something I can't control.
I say I'm sorry over and over, but there's nothing I can do and we both know that.

the ultimate nourishing experience!! seeds? psh.

Posted on 2009.10.08 at 20:22
 I think I have a brain tumor. This is my second headache today. Grr
Meh, sort of a bad day... had an 1 1/2 assembly which was kind of interesting, but I missed art / working on my new project ): And... the Thai kid with one foot fell down the bleachers and it was kind of sad. And... I dunno. we watched a sad video in GSA about young transgender children and I dunno... it made me sad ):

But I had a belgian waffle... that picked up my mood. Yay food. Not working was also nice. 
I'm so tired. I need to be asleep before 11:30 tonight.. and not waking up at 5:30 would be nice... I really wish I didn't have to work 7 hours on saturday. I would kill to sleep in.

I have two projects due tuesday, one on the 23rd... one is creative writing, one is drawing / storytelling, and the other is making a book. fuck you teachers, what happened to uncreative essay writing that takes 3 hours? Pshh. I want that. I can't do all of this 'well, this is what the dragon would say when he was fighting beowulf' or 'this is what chronos looked like when he ate a rock' and... i dunno. they're just all at once xD I wouldn't mind them separately. 

And... not much. I have to swim next week... which really sucks.  And I"m getting my hair cut tomorrow, which really doesn't suck. gonna get it all chopped off :P

Hm, so watching project runway, i should pay more attention than i usually do this week xD I don't know all of their names yet... that's sad. Thank god this season is better than the last. Bravo lifetime. lmfao... get it?!!! ooh i made a funny.

sleepyyyyyyyyy. got study hall tomorrow thank god. no gym. yayyyyyy. that makes me very happy. I would prefer to not get really sweaty and gross in the middle of the day.
Also did my senior meeting today and shocked my advisor with my plans... and learned that I'm probably going to have to take the SAT as well as the ACT. Shitttttt. Don't wanna xD A 26 is good enough, figure that in SAT numbers. Do it.

And... I dunno. I should stop talking lmfao. But, got some penpals... sending Analese's letter tomorrow after I obtain some stamps... and dunno, enjoying my emails (: Thanks guyssssssssssssss

Byebye LJ.

why isn't october the 8th month?

Posted on 2009.10.04 at 23:35
 Ronan is a slave-driver, keeping me up this late... asking me questions like what rhymes with jetta and I feel dumb because I suck at rhyming and nothing fucking rhymes with jetta xD
But He kicked my ass at checkers and tic tac toe... fuck you ):  I never win anything.

I have to get up soon... and i have to go to school tomorrow, and work five hours after that ):  but... I haven't been online in forever, and a 4 hour conversation completely makes up for it... or maybe it's been more than that... I don't know. But I've really missed it anyway...

And I'm totally jealous of his disney land adventures. you assholes are taking me this summer, just sayin ):

Whoa. my clock says '23:41'.. that's pretty cool...
The Mighty Boosh is on in 19 minutes... yay. I think, if they're still playing it lol..

I need more icons, remind me to work on that.
I did get off my ass and fill out a thing for the penpals and a lot of people have responded already which makes me really happy (: 

But I"m a douchebag and I forgot natassja's birthday, and I know you already said it's ok, but I'm apologizing here so I can talk about you and not just about roni (:

Meh... funeral on tuesday. I'm gonna cry ): don't want... french class was enough. crying in school isn't cool mannnn (yay rhymes) 

Also, Joe is a jerk, but I love him.
And Cody likes to draw dicks.

And neither of them read this, I just felt like mentioning it (:

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