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Posted on 2009.11.28 at 17:30
I'm like... super anxious feeling and I don't know why.
Maybe... it's excitement. Because it's not really bad feeling.

I just really wish my computer would stop freezing in the middle of typing and annoying the fuck out of me.

Alright. So I went on Black Friday yesterday and got a sweatshirt, necklace and blanket, but the blanket I won't get until Christmas... yes, a blanket.
I get freakishly cold no matter what the season is... so my comforter, 2 fleece blankets, and this one microfleece thing definitely isn't enough, so that's why I'm getting another!

I feel greasy and disgusting from work and have yet to take a shower... I'll get one soon.

I dunno. I just feel like I should update.
I'm really tired...
I dunno.
I should probably take a nap.
I kinda wish someone would text me.

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