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November 14th, 2009


Posted on 2009.11.14 at 00:02
I'm very very bored... so I'll write this.
My day was uneventful... I got out of school to sleep in the car for a 2 hour drive to visit a university i won't be attending just so i can visit a friend and get a day out of school...
And I slept the 2 hours back.
It feels like a saturday already... but i'm glad it's not ._.

tonight is going really slowly. I wish my fridays were more eventful. Even just keeping up conversations with people would be nice xD But even that's not doing so well.

uh. I dunno. i have work in 8 hours... I don't wanna. and Jackie better not fucking call in tomorrow morning or I'm going to beat someone with one of the millions of plates I'll wash until it breaks.
Or i'm calling kodi and telling her to get her ass in there so she can help me xD
It's her fault she offered to in the first place...

whoa. this box is going all the way to the bottom. completely unrelated. But it never does.

I have a psychology test to make up on monday... I dunno how that's going to go. that requires me doing hardcore studying in the next few days.
And I have to finish a french paper...
and I should probably finish reading hamlet since that was due today.
ew. this weekend kinda sucks already.

call me this weekend and allow me to waste my time and make my weekend better please.

I have a really bad headache. And I have advil, but I have no water.
I dunno what kind of a mood I'm in right now.
somewhere between tired, pain, frustration, and just... nothingness.

i don't feel like writing anymore.

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