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November 17th, 2009

ooh manly

Posted on 2009.11.17 at 22:28
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Ronan ;-; Where are you?
My heart is sad.
It misses you.

Uhm. I have a 2 hour late start tomorrow... going out to breakfast with logan!
I'm so exhausted already xD I already fell asleep once tonight and I haven't touched homework yet... anyone want to complete a muscle fatigue worksheet for me?

Happy almost birthday to Cody!! You're gonna be old :P
...not as old as Ronan...
but he's still beautiful and young to me. <3 ... even if he's going to kill me for calling him old.

I still have a note to myself on my hand that people keep grabbing my hand to read. I feel like a pregnant woman except people are grabbing my hand instead of my stomach.
Well... except for my friend, he jabbed me in the side as he was telling a story today.
That was mean ):
Oh well... it was only mean because I was taking a drink at the time.

So, I get to take a quiz over Hamlet tomorrow, but I'm stuck somewhere in the middle of act 3... goody. I'll try xD And I'll just use my book if I need to!

Ohyeah, my hand told me to buy a manly birthday card.
well... it was kinda manly. idk.
it had frogs on it.
but then i licked the envelope and now cody's gonna make clones of me and there'll be mini-kadens running around everywhere.
oh god.

I almost wish that I could sleep in tomorrow xD
But hey. breakfast with a cute boy is just as good.

this is kinda it.
I don't really have anything else to say xD

but... joe, even though you don't read this... I'm gonna get your address out of you somehow. Seriously.

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