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the ultimate nourishing experience!! seeds? psh.

Posted on 2009.10.08 at 20:22
 I think I have a brain tumor. This is my second headache today. Grr
Meh, sort of a bad day... had an 1 1/2 assembly which was kind of interesting, but I missed art / working on my new project ): And... the Thai kid with one foot fell down the bleachers and it was kind of sad. And... I dunno. we watched a sad video in GSA about young transgender children and I dunno... it made me sad ):

But I had a belgian waffle... that picked up my mood. Yay food. Not working was also nice. 
I'm so tired. I need to be asleep before 11:30 tonight.. and not waking up at 5:30 would be nice... I really wish I didn't have to work 7 hours on saturday. I would kill to sleep in.

I have two projects due tuesday, one on the 23rd... one is creative writing, one is drawing / storytelling, and the other is making a book. fuck you teachers, what happened to uncreative essay writing that takes 3 hours? Pshh. I want that. I can't do all of this 'well, this is what the dragon would say when he was fighting beowulf' or 'this is what chronos looked like when he ate a rock' and... i dunno. they're just all at once xD I wouldn't mind them separately. 

And... not much. I have to swim next week... which really sucks.  And I"m getting my hair cut tomorrow, which really doesn't suck. gonna get it all chopped off :P

Hm, so watching project runway, i should pay more attention than i usually do this week xD I don't know all of their names yet... that's sad. Thank god this season is better than the last. Bravo lifetime. lmfao... get it?!!! ooh i made a funny.

sleepyyyyyyyyy. got study hall tomorrow thank god. no gym. yayyyyyy. that makes me very happy. I would prefer to not get really sweaty and gross in the middle of the day.
Also did my senior meeting today and shocked my advisor with my plans... and learned that I'm probably going to have to take the SAT as well as the ACT. Shitttttt. Don't wanna xD A 26 is good enough, figure that in SAT numbers. Do it.

And... I dunno. I should stop talking lmfao. But, got some penpals... sending Analese's letter tomorrow after I obtain some stamps... and dunno, enjoying my emails (: Thanks guyssssssssssssss

Byebye LJ.

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