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Posted on 2009.10.12 at 22:41
 I"m not meaning to seem distant, I swear. The last thing I want is for us to grow apart. I'll make more of an effort now, okay?

I don't understand why this happens every time we talk. Curse of the webcam!

I'm finishing up projects for school, which is good. Haven't mailed my penpal's letter yet, which isn't. Also... CJ hasn't emailed me back for several days, also bad.

listening to jay brannan makes me sad. gr. but i love his voice so much.

I feel like a stupid teenager who thinks they have problems. Maybe I just need sleep.
But that seems to be my excuse for everything lately.
Maybe I need a lot of sleep.
But I did take a nap today and felt better for a while.
I'll just take a year long nap and maybe everything will be better. 

I"m sick of feeling like shit every night over something I can't control.
I say I'm sorry over and over, but there's nothing I can do and we both know that.

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