menottesetfeu's Journal

So. Well, I live in a corn field, seriously. I see one no matter where I look. Obviously, I live in the middle of nowhere in the reject state that they just stuck in the middle of the US for farmers, hicks, and druggies (specifically meth addicts) to live, but let the people still believe they're pretty bad-ass for you know, living in a corn field. I kind of really hate people secretly... and sometimes not so secretly, but I'm sure you'll figure that out if you read whatever I write. And I made this because Ronan is ttly mai bff <3 and he told me to. And yes, I'm a slave to a 5'3" pale Asian boy. Also, I write about things that are relevant to me, but no one else cares about. Let a poor Iowan indulge, will you?